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18 SEPT 2017


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This is for clients who have committed contractually to use Eclipse.  Additionally, attendees would need to complete three pre-requisites before the conference.

The pre-requisites:
1. Have viewed the Eclipse Overview course/video
2. Have completed their Data Audit Prep course (accounts to sync, asset classes set up, taxability types)
3. Have completed their Admin Setup course (custodians, teams, users, roles)

Preferences: Customizing Eclipse to Your Client’s Trading and Balancing Needs
Learn about trading at the Household or Portfolio level using tax-sensitive rebalancing logic with automated tax lot harvesting tools in Eclipse, Orion’s new stand-alone rebalance platform.

Security Sets and Models: Creating Efficiencies Using Eclipse’s Model Maintenance
Learn about the new, multi-tiered modeling system in Eclipse, which will expand your range of options for product equivalence, substitutions, trade prioritization and tax loss by using security sets and multiple rebalance levels.

Portfolio Setup: Tailoring Portfolios to Your Client’s Individual Needs
Learn how to create and prepare portfolios for trading, including account-level cash set asides, assigning models, trading instructions, and more.

Trade Tools: Make Life Easier with Eclipse’s Efficient Rebalancing, Cash Needs and Tax-Loss Harvesting Tools
Review the various trading tools available in Eclipse, including the Rebalancer, Cash Needs, Tax Harvesting and Global Trades.

Trade Review and Execution: Scale Your Trade Analysis with Eclipse’s In-Depth, Customizable Trade Review Process
Review and Practice using the Tactical Trades tool to review generated orders according to the model assigned to that portfolio; then learn the order processing workflow using FIX trading or custodial models.