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18 SEPT 2017


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Do you want to play it fast and loose? Set your own course(s) for Orion’s Ascent 2017 conference, don’t be tied down to anyone’s requirements or recommendations. Look through the offerings below and make some decisions, as you can drop in on any session, with the exception of Eclipse Trading and Programming track offerings. Be ready—some of the non-elective sessions may be overwhelming if you follow your own recommendations. But that’s what makes it fun, right?

The Power of integrating with the Orion API
Orion is powered by the technology that makes it easy and powerful to integrate. Whether it is single sign on authentication, operational efficiencies, and a simple user experience, Orion can help provide these solutions through our integration technology, the Orion API, and our ongoing expert support.

Products and Prices App
Learn how to efficiently navigate the app to maintain Asset Classes and Prices for manually maintained products.

Eclipse Overview: Welcome to Portfolio-Level Rebalancing by Orion
Learn about trading at the Portfolio level using tax-sensitive rebalancing logic with automated tax lot harvesting tools in Eclipse.

Interface Reconciliation and New Accounts Center Apps
We will show you how to get the most out of the Interface Reconciliation and New Accounts Center apps. You will also learn different ways to access transaction information across Orion.

Orion’s Integration Connection Center App
Getting a tour of the Orion Integration Connection and Learning Center, you will find ways to discover and learn about Orion’s many integrations. Learn more about what Orion is doing to help provide service and support to those integration partnership and how you can get the most out of your integration technology.

Tax Center App: Take Control of Your Cost-Basis Data
Learn how to leverage the Tax Center app to update and audit your cost basis data.

Orion’s Rep Portal: Empowering Your Advisors
Leveraging Orion’s Rep Portal, you can build and deploy dashboards your advisors can use to support their books of business and individual clients more effectively. Dashboards can be built to support individual advisors as well as advisor teams.

Corporate Action Dashboard–Improved Corporate Action Processing
Get schooled on what Orion is doing to improve Corporate Action processing.

The Value of Orion’s Salesforce Integration
Get to know how Orion integrates with Salesforce and learn best practices for managing your data between the platforms.

Trending Up or Trending Down? Orion’s Trends app will help you figure it out!
Use the full power of our Trends app to track important aspects of your business.

Eclipse Use Cases: Discover How to Use Eclipse to Customize Workflows, Process Client Requests, Audit Settings, and More
Learn about the various types of trading scenarios that Eclipse was designed to accommodate, including Tax Loss Harvesting, Cash Management at the household level, as well as full rebalancing with tax sensitivity.

Orion and TD Ameritrade Veo One Integrations
Learn about how you can combine Orion and the TDA Veo platform in multiple ways to access your client data and the tools you use on a daily basis in multiple exciting ways.

Compliance – Round Table Discussion
Round table discussion led by Orion’s Kylee Beach on everything compliance.

Account Composer: Held-away Assets and Manually Maintained Accounts
Leverage Orion’s new Account Composer app and learn how to efficiently maintain your ByAll and Quovo accounts.

Billing Round Table Discussion – Technology Roadmap
Where are we going? What’s in development for Orion Billing? Get answers to those questions at this session.

Getting the Most Out of Your Orion Integrations
How to get the most out of integrations by building a comprehensive but focused technology platform.

Performance Round Table Discussion – Technology Roadmap
What’s next for Orion Performance? How are the new developments going to help improve your business?

Data Reconciliation Round Table Discussion – Technology Roadmap
What’s the plan for Orion Data Reconciliation…and how does it impact your firm? Attend this session to learn what’s next.

Transitioning from TOM to Eclipse
Review the steps you need to take in Orion Connect to prepare your data and accounts to be synced to Eclipse, including identifying teams, customizing asset classes, in addition to preparing accounts and households to sync to Eclipse as portfolios.

Attendees building a personalized track can also attend any additional courses offered in a dedicated Learning Path, except for those in Trading and Programming.

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